Vote for the most interesting speaker in Russia

TF Group was founded in 1995. With over 60 employees and 7 000 speakers, experts and specialists in our network, we are the market leader in the European region.

We create over 4 000 events and seminars per year and are represented in all Scandinavian countries with major offices in Stockholm, Malmö, Helsinki, Tampere, Tallinn and Oslo.

TF Group includes Speakersforum Sweden, Eventforum Sweden, Speakersforum Finland, Eventforum Finland, Talerforum Norway, Taleforum Denmark and Competenceforum Estonia.

Now we are searching for the most talented speakers in Russia. Who are the most interesting speakers in Russia? Please state your vote on our page.

If you are interested in business speakers, please fill out the form, linked below (in English) and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

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